Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is an innovative treatment where patients breathe in 100% pure oxygen which accelerates wound healing and recovery by up to 75 percent. HBOT can treat conditions like diabetic foot and leg ulcers, radiation tissue damage, post-cosmetic surgery healing and more. At Central Coast Wound Care Center & Hyperbarics, we want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible about their HBOT treatment. Following are several common hyperbaric treatment myths dispelled.


Myth: HBOT is dangerous.

Truth: HBOT is FDA-approved, safe and incredibly effective. Central Coast Wound Care Center & Hyperbarics is the only physician-supervised HBOT treatment center in SLO County supported by an experienced team of technicians. HBOT accelerates tissue repair and recovery by enhancing your body’s healing abilities by breathing in pure oxygen under carefully controlled pressure inside our world-class Sechrist glass chambers. Oxygen floods your bloodstream and cells rejuvenate and heal up to 75% faster. 

Myth: HBOT has negative side effects.

Truth: HBOT is safe and effective with no serious side effects. Patients may experience minor ear pressure, lightheadedness, and fatigue, but these side effects are usually temporary and go away on their own.

Myth: HBOT is only effective for acute cases.

Truth: HBOT can be effective for both acute cases–which are more sudden in onset like carbon monoxide poisoning AND chronic conditions that develop more slowly and worsen over time like anemia. Acute conditions may only require a few treatments, while chronic conditions may require more sessions.

Myth: HBOT can only be used to treat conditions approved by the FDA.

Truth: The FDA has approved HBOT as a treatment for 14 different conditions, with most covered by insurance, including diabetic wounds, radiation tissue damage, gas gangrene, and more. However, there are several off-label conditions–or conditions that are not FDA approved and not covered by insurance–with significant research or case studies suggesting patients could benefit from HBOT. As a dedicated, physician-supervised hyperbaric treatment center, Central Coast Wound Care Center & Hyperbarics can treat off-label conditions that hospitals cannot, including post-cosmetic surgery healing, long COVID-19, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and more. For more information on these conditions, contact us at 805-888-4744.

Myth: HBOT is expensive.

Truth: HBOT does not have to be expensive. In fact, Medicare and insurance providers cover this treatment for most FDA-approved conditions. For more information about treatments covered by insurance or the cost of HBOT for off-label treatments like post-cosmetic surgery healing, contact us at info@ccwounds.com or 805-888-4744.

Myth: HBOT does not require a prescription.

Truth: The FDA recognizes 100% oxygen as a drug. As such, HBOT treatment does require a prescription for conditions covered by insurance. Talk to your physician about a prescription for HBOT treatment or contact us directly at Central Coast Wound Care Center for a consultation with our physician at info@ccwounds.com or 805-888-4744.


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