When should I come in for an appointment?

If you have a wound that has not shown significant improvement in four weeks, or that isn’t completely healed in eight weeks, is known as a chronic wound and should be seen by a wound care specialist. Chronic wounds can become infected, which could lead to more serious consequences, such as hospitalization or amputation.

Can I go directly to the CCWC wound care clinic?

Yes, a doctor referral is not necessary to make an appointment with CCWC. However, if you have an HMO, you will need the approval of your PCP for insurance purposes.

Will insurance pay for my therapy at CCWC?

Treatments performed at CCWC are covered by most health insurers. We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare. A CCWC clinic coordinator can help guide you through requirements, as your insurance provider may require prior authorization for some treatments.

What’s the value of seeing a wound care specialist?

Wound care specialists are experts in wound care and hyperbarics. They will help you heal as quickly and effectively as possible. They utilize advanced wound care treatments that standard doctors aren’t trained or qualified to perform. Placing your care in the hands of a wound care specialist maximizes your chances of long-term healing because you can benefit from specialized treatments and procedures. They also treat all patients holistically, always intending to improve one’s quality of life to ensure the best healing possible.

Why should I choose an independent wound care practice?

Central Coast Wound Care and Hyperbarics prides itself on providing more individualized, one-on-one care with wound care specialists. The higher level of attention you get from a private practice often leads to more optimal and efficient individual outcomes.

What types of treatments will I receive?

This ultimately depends on your condition and what you and the wound care specialist determine is your best course of treatment for helping you heal. Your provider will fully discuss all your treatment options and recommendations before proceeding with your individual course of treatment.

Will you work with my doctor?

Of course. Your course of treatment will be determined with input from you, your wound care specialist, and your physician. When needed, we will provide your doctor with progress reports and updates, and we’ll consult with her/him whenever necessary.

How many visits will I need?

This depends on your condition and the severity of your wound. Sometimes one or two visits may be enough, while other conditions may require multiple treatments. For hyperbarics, on average, patients will have an average of 20 treatments. We will remain fully transparent during the evaluation and treatment process regarding what you may expect with your situation. And, where appropriate, we will fully consult with and provide updates to your physician.

Is my treatment going to hurt?

Wound care should not generally hurt, and we closely monitor all treatments to ensure your experience is effective yet comfortable. HBOT is painless, although some people feel pressure in their ears similar to what’s experienced during the descent of an airplane. We can show you techniques to lessen the pressure in your ears.

What happens if my problem returns?

Generally, additional treatments are not necessary. If your problem returns, simply give us a call and we’ll consider the best option for moving forward. This may include additional visits with your wound specialist or hyperbaric technician.


If you have a wound that you are concerned about that doesn’t seem to be healing correctly, please call us to schedule an appointment for an evaluation with one our accredited wound care team of specialists at 805-888-4744, or by email at info@ccwounds.com.